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Minnesota Association of County Probation Officers is dedicated to promoting quality correctional practices through professional growth, leadership, education, communication and support.


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Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, MACPO has decided to cancel our Annual Spring Conference that was to be held this May at Maddens. The safety and well being of our members, vendors, and all attendees is important to us and with that we hope to see you all next year at our Annual Spring Conference. 

Congratulations to our Al Reker Distinguished Service Award winner... Terry Fawcett!


Terry has an extensive background in probation as well as participation in committees and training. Terry started his career in 1993 when he worked with juveniles at Woodland Hills. In 1994 he transitioned to Arrowhead Regional Corrections and worked in multiple capacities there until 2015. In 2015 he began his role as the Director of Pine County Probation and is still in that position. 

Over the years Terry has participated in many committees, to include MACPO's Legislative Committee, as co-chair (2016-2018) and he is currently the president of MACPO. He works well with all agencies across the state and thrives to build strong professional relationships with them all. 

Terry also puts a lot of focus in training, more specifically safety training. He has trained agencies all over the state, throughout all delivery systems. 

Congratulations Terry, well deserved! 

Congratulations to our upcoming MACPO Secretary Michelle Sellner from Pine County Probation and the MACPO President Elect Jason Anderson from Itasca County Probation.

Michelle will start her position with MACPO in July of 2020 and go until June of 2022. Jason will start his position as President Elect in June of 2020 and from there will be our MACPO President starting June of 2021. 


We are happy to have you both on board! 

Corrections Capital Day

MACPO would like to thank all of the sponsors, representatives, and attendees of this years Capital Day. 

February 13th, 2020 was a successful Capital Day 2020.   MACPO co-sponsored the day with MCA, MACCAC, MARRCH.   There were 100 people that attended, and 5 State Representative come and speak. Cal Saari, MCA Legislative Liaison did a great job moderating the event.  

Thank you, Commissioner Paul Schnell, for his opening remarks with the theme of “Working Together” was a great start to the morning.

 Representative Brian Johnson (District 32A - Cambridge area) followed taking about his role on the Public Safety Committee where they have many bills being introduced.  He specifically talked about the 5-year cap on probation terms and the support and benefit many see in the bill.  It will be heard in Public Safety but does not think it will get a hearing in the Senate.  He also spoke about early discharge from probation and his support of it.

Representative Wolgamottl (District 14B, St. Cloud district) is the Vice Chair House Corrections Subcommittee made a strong point to be in favor of recruit, retention, and wellness of prison staff.  The prison staff need more funding.  The support of the recreated Ombuds person for corrections, support of the reform in sentencing guidelines probation reform, mental health, and the need for bonding bill that supports facility infrastructure.

Representative  Dave Pinto (District 64 B, St. Paul) as part of the Public Safety Committee was in favor of sentencing caps.  He is also part of the Early Childhood finance and policy committee and spoke to increases needed in funding for early childhood program and relating that to that is one of the biggest things we can do for our children to help them be successful and not enter the criminal justice system.

Representative Marion O’Neill (District 29B, Maple Lake) encouraged all persons in the room to connect with their local legislators as that is how they learn and educate themselves on issues.  She also supports the early childhood funding as an early intervention and helps children be successful.  She is on the the Corrections Committee and public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform committees.  She supports sentencing and probation reform, as well as, alternatives to incarnation especially with short term offenders on parole violations.  Noting, sending them back to the prison for short terms does not accomplish them getting treatment or mental health assistance as they are not there long enough. 

Representative Jack Considine Jr (District 19B, Mankato) supported the cap on probation and was very interested in seeing more mental health support and services for institution staff.

We heard from Nancy Haas, MACPO Lobbyist, covering her thoughts on the session and MACPO goals for this fast-moving session.  Also, we were introduced to the NEW OMBUDS PERSON for Corrections, Mark Haas.   This is a newly reinstated department and Mark described what he and his staff’s responsibilities are and vision for the department.  Midge Christensen, MACCAC President, spoke about MACCAC goals for the session, funding for field services being first and foremost.  Gina from Teen Challenge brought her energy on recovery and working together.  The MAACH sponsor, John Magnussen updated us on their organization and their efforts in school inked substance use disorder grants and treatment paperwork reduction.  Jane Schmidt, MCA Juvenile Justice Committee talked about efforts to change the juvenile life without parole statute, need for more juvenile diversions, programs to address cultural issues.  Also invited all to attend the MCA Juvenile Justice Conference, April 23, 2020, at Maplewood Community Center.  Lastly, Deputy Commissioner Curtis Shanklin spoke with a theme of “working together in collaboration”. 

Congratulations to our 2019 MACPO Scholarship Winner


Ashley Brethorst

Ashley is a senior at College of Saint Benedict, majoring in Sociology.  

Celebrating 100 Years as CPO!

Congratulations to the County Probation Officer (CPO) Delivery System for celebrating its

100th year anniversary!

CPO was initially juvenile focused,

with adult coming in 1971.

For the Love of Pets

Thank you to all those who submitted their pictures!

MACPO and American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) Partnership 

The APPA Leadership Institute provides community corrections professionals with a fundamental understanding of leadership within the community corrections area. This course serves those from all different backgrounds and cultures. For more information on what this course has to offer, as well as other information about APPA please visit their website at




 MACPO President

Terry Fawcett

I write this message at an unprecedented time in the world, as well in the field of corrections. Covid-19 has gotten our attention rapidly, forcing many to work from home or to shelter-in-place. It has also forced numerous cancellations. MACPO’s Annual Spring Conference for 2020, is one of them. The MACPO Executive Board voted unanimously to cancel the conference. There will still be awards this year with the deadline to nominate extended to May 1, 2020. Elections will also still take place with ballots coming out around May 1, 2020. If the Training and Education Committee recommends that a one-day workshop take place this Summer/Fall to address elections and awards, it will be considered. Additionally, the Decision Points Training that was to be held during conferences has been cancelled. Past-President Carter Diers will be reaching out to those registered and refunds will be made to those who have completed registration. Those who are registered will have first priority when new dates have been scheduled for this training.

For now, take pause in your daily life and reflect on what is truly important. YOUR FAMILY. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow so lets help one another get through today.

I have never been prouder to represent MACPO. Thank you to the dedicated MACPO Executive Board for helping me guide our organization through this difficult time.


Terry Fawcett,

MACPO President




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