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Minnesota Association of County Probation Officers is dedicated to promoting quality correctional practices through professional growth, leadership, education, communication and support.


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Congratulations to our Al Reker Distinguished Service Award winner... Terry Fawcett!


Terry has an extensive background in probation as well as participation in committees and training. Terry started his career in 1993 when he worked with juveniles at Woodland Hills. In 1994 he transitioned to Arrowhead Regional Corrections and worked in multiple capacities there until 2015. In 2015 he began his role as the Director of Pine County Probation and is still in that position. 

Over the years Terry has participated in many committees, to include MACPO's Legislative Committee, as co-chair (2016-2018) and he is currently the president of MACPO. He works well with all agencies across the state and thrives to build strong professional relationships with them all. 

Terry also puts a lot of focus in training, more specifically safety training. He has trained agencies all over the state, throughout all delivery systems. 

Congratulations Terry, well deserved! 

Congratulations to Travis Fisher for receiving our Outstanding Performance Award!

Travis currently works as a probation officer with Cass County Probation. He began his career in 2012 as an intern with Cass County and went on to work with Pine County Probation until 2015, in which he was offered a position back with Cass County Probation. Travis assisted in creating and implementing a pretrial supervision program in Cass County Probation. 

Travis is currently the President of Minnesota Association of Pretrial Services Association (MAPSA). He shows a true passion in pretrial supervision and implementing a solid pretrial program. Travis also works hard to utilize evidence based practices with his clients and builds a strong rapport with them, while assisting them in being successful. Travis also has a positive relationship with his coworkers and other departments. 

MACPO would like to congratulate the following for receiving our Superior Service Award...

Jill Ferretti

Jill currently works for Brown County Probation as an Adult and Juvenile Probation Agent. Jill began her career in 2006 as a temporary agent in Scott and Carver County, and in 2007 she was hired full time in Brown County. While serving in Brown County she has held several different supervision duties. She has maintained an Intensive Supervision Program, group caseload, an adult and juvenile caseload, and most recently she is implementing a new juvenile diversion program in Brown County. 

Jill has been the secretary and member of the Executive Board for MACPO since 2014. She has also been on MACPO's Training and Education Committee since 2008. Jill puts a lot of effort and dedication into MACPO and has provided over 850 hours of work in her time with MACPO as secretary. 

MACPO would like to congratulate the following for receiving our Rookie Agent of the Year Award

Mckenzi Lorrig

Although in her first year as a Probation Officer with Otter Tail County Probation, Mckenzi has demonstrated a holistic understanding of the correctional system beyond her years. She shows determination in working with her clients to provide resources and assistance to make sure they are successful with their conditions. She shows leadership potential and works well with her coworkers as well as other departments. 

Mckenzi's professionalism, positive attitude, and moral compass ensure that she will have a positive future in the field of probation. 

Congratulations to our upcoming MACPO Secretary Michelle Sellner from Pine County Probation and the MACPO President Elect Jason Anderson from Itasca County Probation.

Michelle will start her position with MACPO in July of 2020 and go until June of 2022. Jason will start his position as President Elect in June of 2020 and from there will be our MACPO President starting June of 2021. 


We are happy to have you both on board! 

Celebrating 100 Years as CPO!

Congratulations to the County Probation Officer (CPO) Delivery System for celebrating its

100th year anniversary!

CPO was initially juvenile focused,

with adult coming in 1971.

It's Summer Time!

Thank you to all those who submitted their pictures!

MACPO and American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) Partnership 

The APPA Leadership Institute provides community corrections professionals with a fundamental understanding of leadership within the community corrections area. This course serves those from all different backgrounds and cultures. For more information on what this course has to offer, as well as other information about APPA please visit their website at



 MACPO President

Jim Schneider

Greetings from Cass County.  One could argue this is the best time of the year.  As we navigate COVID-19 we have found many “Silver Linings”.  The sale of fishing licenses is at historic highs, families are traveling together for in-state vacations, and all our outdoor activities appear to be at an all-time high.  

MACPO would like to send a huge thank you out to Carter Diers (Past President), Jill Ferretti (Secretary), Amy Chavez (Chair-Directors Committee), Jess Mott (Chair-Membership Committee) and Terry Fawcett (outgoing President).  This past year certainly offered many challenges to our organization and we thank them for their leadership.

As we move forward and navigate our current situation, MACPO stays committed to offering EBP training to members for career development.  We have a firm commitment to provide local, effective, and efficient probation services to the counties we represent.    We recognize the strengths of partnership with our friends from Community Corrections and the Department of Corrections.

As we move into an election season, please take the opportunity to visit with candidates about our profession.  A vast majority our funding comes from state, local, and federal dollars.  Share with candidates success stories along with how we work with folks who have not begun the change process.  We have a good story to share; let us start taking the time to communicate it.  

Enjoy the summer months and take advantage of what our state has to offer.

Stay healthy, everyone.

Jim Schneider

MACPO President            




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