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Minnesota Association of County Probation Officers is dedicated to promoting quality correctional practices through professional growth, leadership, education, communication and support.


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September 15 - 17, 2021

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MACPO's Bylaws Amended

MACPO's Bylaws have been revised by the Board of Directors.  Please note a membership meeting has been scheduled for May 27, 2021 to review these changes.  Additionally, MACPO membership will be voting on the proposed changes in the near future - stay tuned for another email regarding this.  Please click on the below image to view the MACPO's proposed Bylaws.  

Please note, in order to vote on the proposed bylaws, you must be both a Probation Agent and a current MACPO member.  Please visit our Training Events page to sign up for the meeting and become a registered member.

MACPO Platform

I.  Uphold the positive working relationship with the Minnesota Association of Community Corrections Act County (MACCAC) and the Department of Corrections (DOC) for one common probation voice
II.  Provide quality cost effective training for MACPO membership on evidence based practices and cultural diversity that effect the criminal justice system 
III.  Work towards returning County Probation Officer salary and benefit reimbursement to fulfill statutory requirements of 50 %
IV.   Maintain and support all existing CPO counties operating under Minnesota Statute 244.19

Autumn Leaves
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Nicole Allen

Nicole is a Junior at Hamline University, majoring in Criminology and Psychology with a concentration in Forensic Psychology.  On campus, she is involved in Residential Life as an RA (Residential Assistant), a development coordinator and counselor for Camp Kesem, and a Criminal Justice coordinator for Law & Justice Society.   She takes passion in giving back to her community through these various activities, and plans to continue that into her future. Nicole is on track to graduate in the spring of 2022, and plans to further her work within the the criminal justice system. Nicole's ultimate goal is to work for the Behavioral Analysis Unit within the FBI to study the behavior, mindset, and patterns of those involved in the system. Through this work, she wants to help people find a better way of life through restoration and transformation of the undesirable behavioral patterns. 

Congratulations Nicole!

MACPO and American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) Partnership 

The APPA Leadership Institute provides community corrections professionals with a fundamental understanding of leadership within the community corrections area. This course serves those from all different backgrounds and cultures. For more information on what this course has to offer, as well as other information about APPA please visit their website at



 MACPO President

Jim Schneider

Greetings everyone from Cass County.  Our northern Minnesota lakes are frozen, icehouse cities are populating all over our lakes, cross country skiing and, snowshoeing trails are ready to use.  Welcome folks to the frozen tundra of Minnesota.  I have always said Minnesotan’s appreciate our summers because of our winters.    

Well, 2021 is finally here!  Vaccinations are increasing every week and there is a promise for us to return to a lifestyle we came to appreciate prior to the pandemic.   We encourage everyone to stay vigilant these next 3-6 months to stay healthy as we reach our hurd immunity our scientist tells us to get to.

Field services continue to be impacted by the pandemic.  Budget deficits continue to dominate our headlines.  More importantly, the evidence-based practices we are accustomed to delivering is strained.  We know the importance of the human connection we must have with the people we work with to facilitate change.  We are asking our probation officers to continue to provide evidence base services with greater caseloads.  We know we will resurface out of this economic crisis with lessons learned.  We need to continue to be steadfast to the work we do to provide public safety while facilitating offender change. 


Jim Schneider

MACPO President            



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