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Minnesota Association of County Probation Officers is dedicated to promoting quality correctional practices through professional growth, leadership, education, communication and support.


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Congratulations to our 2019 MACPO Scholarship Winner


Ashley Brethorst

Ashley is a senior at College of Saint Benedict, majoring in Sociology.  

Celebrating 100 Years as CPO!

Congratulations to the County Probation Officer (CPO) Delivery System for celebrating its

100th year anniversary!

CPO was initially juvenile focused,

with adult coming in 1971.

2019 MACPO Support
Staff Conference Pictures


Brenda Simonson, Itasca County

Pictured above is Brenda and several coworkers who were able to congratulate her on this well-deserving award.

Congratulations Brenda!!

Autumn Leaves and Pumpkins Please

  Below are all the pictures submitted for the Fall 2019 MACPOST Newsletter. Thank you to all who submitted pictures!

MACPO and American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) Partnership 

The APPA Leadership Institute provides community corrections professionals with a fundamental understanding of leadership within the community corrections area. This course serves those from all different backgrounds and cultures. For more information on what this course has to offer, as well as other information about APPA please visit their website at




 MACPO President

Terry Fawcett


This is the mantra of the high school football team that I coach.  #1TEAM1FIGHT!  The mantra motivates and inspires us to work together, to forget about who gets the credit, and if we can do that, good things will come.


We come together through various correctional organizations or committees throughout the state.  Afterwards, discussions centered over funding steams and delivery systems continue.  Agents continue to work together in harmony, yet us leaders sometimes become divisive.  I’ve said this before:  safety and training should never be political.  Nor should our supervision of clients.


Our communities and our clients do not care if you are a CCA, CPO, DOC or a DOC Contract agent.  They “only care that you care”, which is another lesson I’ve learned along the way as a football coach.


Let’s get back to the table and discuss our differences.  No agenda, just professionals in a room coming together for the good of corrections.  Start to trust one another.  Learn that it is o.k. to choose your system of delivery, and to do so without complaint from others.


Be professional.  Be proactive.  Be a TEAMMATE!  Be willing to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem.  As your MACPO President, I am willing to do whatever possible to build bridges with other agencies, organizations, and delivery systems.


If we all strive to be better, we’ll do better.  And if we do better, we’ll truly become #1TEAM1FIGHT!


Terry Fawcett,

MACPO President




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