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The Minnesota Association of County Probation Officers (MACPO) recognizes that probation work is stressful and can place employees with high-risk individuals and in high-risk situations. This stress, caused by both critical incidents and cumulative job stress, has the potential to jeopardize work performance, safety, health, and relationships. As a response, MACPO has posted this state-wide list of probation officers and volunteers. This list is intended for individual probation officers as well as administrators to utilize at their own discretion.

The following volunteers are willing to meet with probation officers from their own department, as well as other counties, who are experiencing stress caused by critical incidents or cumulative job stress for the purposes of providing peer support. They have all been trained in peer support and have agreed to a set of standards to including keeping any conversations completely confidential, with the exception of the following:

1.) Situations in which there is an indication the employee presents a clear and present danger to himself/herself or others.

2.) Situations in which it appears there is a violation of any law that would normally be enforced by law enforcement.

During the conversation, if an employee begins to describe any of the circumstances listed above, the Peer Support team member will inform the employee that confidentiality cannot be maintained.

Please note that MACPO does not oversee any of these individuals or provide supervision of any Peer Support Program, but is simply providing a list of willing volunteers. Please contact  any of the following staff members and notify them that you seeking the assistance of a Peer Support member.

Debra Briggs, Ramsey County Community Corrections

Debra.briggs@co.ramsey.mn.us                                    651-266-7607

Sarah Byers, Stearns County Community Corrections

Sarah.byers-scott@co.stearns.mn.us                              320-656-6468

Sue Clark, Isanti County Probation

Sue.clark@co.isanti.mn.us                                             763-689-8330

Kelli Cline, Rice County Community Corrections

kcline@co.rice.mn.us                                                     507-333-3798

Carter Diers, Wright County Court Services

Carter.diers@co.wright.mn.us                                        612-963-9303 (cell)

Stephanie Duhme, Rice County Community Corrections

sduhme@co.rice.mn.us                                                   507-332-6287

Karen Evans, Wright County Court Services

Karen.evans@co.wright.mn.us                                       763-682-7328

Nicole Gosling, Stearns County Community Corrections

Nicole.gosling@co.stearns.mn.us                                   320-656-6253

Jill Hady, Brown County Probation

Jill.hady@co.brown.mn.us                                              507-766-2666 (cell)

Neal Huemoeller, Wright County Court Services

Neal.huemoeller@co.wright.mn.us                                 612-309-7536 (cell)

Debbie Lawrence, Isanti County Probation

Debbie.lawrence@co.isanti.mn.us                                  763-689-8328

Chelle Marquardt, Rice County Community Corrections

rmarquardt@co.rice.mn.us                                               507-332-5937

Deborah Mason, Ramsey County Community Corrections

Deborah.mason@co.ramsey.mn.us                                  651-266-7665

Mark Mehl, Dakota County Community Corrections

Mark.mehl@co.dakota.mn.us                                          612-209-5428

Traci Pence, Dakota County Community Corrections

Traci.pence@co.dakota.mn.us                                          952-891-7862

Michele Rudnik, DFO Community Corrections

Rudnik.michele@co.olmsted.us                                       507-328-7261

Deanna Ruffing, Nicollet County Probation

Deanna.ruffing@co.nicollet.mn.us                                   507-317-5517 (cell)

Rob Schrodel, Hennepin County Community Corrections

Robert.schroedl@hennepin.us                                          612-596-0061

Tammy Thompson, Meeker County Court Services

Tammy.thomspon@co.meeker.mn.us                              320-693-5260

Jason Vandekamp, Isanti County Probation

Jason.vandekamp@co.isanti.mn.us                                  763-286-5129 (cell)

Evonn Westcott, Brown County Probation

Evonn.westcott@co.brown.mn.us                                    507-233-6622

Jennifer Nimps, Scott County Community Corrections

JNimps@co.scott.mn.us                                                   952-496-8812

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