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Communications Committee Update

First off, the Communication Committee would like to thank everyone who attended our 61st Annual Spring Conference at Breezy Point. We had some wonderful speakers and a great vendor show. We hope all attendees had a chance to complete our survey. We greatly appreciate your opinions on what you enjoyed and what we can improve on regarding our conferences.

Registrations is currently open for MACPO's upcoming Regional Training : Cross Cultural Learning Experience. Please click on "Events" tab on our website to gather more information on this training and to complete registration.

Our committee has been sharing information regarding Evidence Based Practices Forums that will be held throughout the year. These forums provide a great opportunity for agents, case managers, management, and trainers to learn more about EBP and get any questions answered you may have on the topic. Please keep an eye out for these emails coming through. If you would like to be added to our contact list to receive those emails please contact Membership@macpo.net

We hope that you all enjoy the rest of your summer! Stay cool!


Legislative Committee Update 

The State of Minnesota House of Representatives and Senate went back to work February 20th.  It is very busy at the Capitol as it is a shorter session.  On the House side, the Public Safety Committee has a new chairperson, Representative Brian Johnson.  In the Senate, the Chairperson of the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee is Senator Warren Limmer.  Both committees are very busy.  It seems they are all focusing on the sexual harassment policy, bonding, and the tax bill.  The session is coming up on the first deadline of March 23rd for introducing any bills.  Of the MACPO initiatives, our lobbyist Lisa Frenette has been working on the “may supervise felons” bill on the Senate side and we will see what happens. 

Unfortunately, we had to cancel Capitol Day as it was scheduled during the Easter/Passover break and we believe many of the Legislatures would have gone home for that week.  We are looking forward to next year to see if we can pick the perfect date for Corrections.  Even with no Capitol Day, if anyone is interested in setting up an appointment to see their Legislator, please let me know and someone on the Legislative Committee will help you out.

Stay tuned for the outcome of the session, we will have a final report at the Spring Conference.


Membership Committee Update

The Membership Committee continues to focus on student outreach. Members of our committee are contacting schools and going to speak to students in the classroom at the colleges. If anyone has any interest in speaking in the classroom setting, please contact us for more information!

Our committee is continuing to prepare for the Spring Conference. Registration for the conference will be opening soon!

Don’t forget…you can still purchase MACPO clothing on the website. This year’s apparel is all $45 (which includes shipping). There is also apparel on the website from last year. These are selling for $30 (including shipping).

If you would like to join the MACPO Membership Committee, please contact Amber Chase at amber.chase@co.pine.mn.us or Nicole Kalow at nicole.kalow@co.waseca.mn.us for more information. We are always looking for more talented individuals to join us and share new ideas!


Training and Education Committee Update

Greetings from the Training and Education Committee!

Thank you to those who attended possibly our most “memorable” conference!  Despite the events that occurred, MACPO saw it through!  Our committee is busy planning the next Regional Training titled, “A Cross Cultural Learning Experience” on August 29th and the Support Staff Conference scheduled for October 2nd.  We are also brainstorming ideas for future conferences beginning with a date change!   The 2019 MACPO Spring Conference will be held May 15-17, 2019!  Mark your calendars now! This is one week earlier than the conference has historically been held.

We would love to hear your feedback of what trainings you would like to see or that you need as well as ideas our committee can run with!!  Please complete the short survey that will be emailed to you soon that will assist us in planning for upcoming training and conferences. We’re also excited to welcome a new member to our team, Michelle Sellner of Pine County!    

Care Corner Featuring:

MN Adult and Teen Challenge

For 35 years, MN Adult and Teen Challenge has been offering many services for adults and teens who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction.  Their full range of services include: long-term recovery program (faith-based), residential treatment (licensed Rule 245G), outpatient treatment (licensed Rule 245G), teen boys program, prevention program, and aftercare program.

They are located in various cities throughout Minnesota: Minneapolis, Brainerd, Duluth, Rochester, and Buffalo.  In all of their programs, they focus on clients' recovery from addiction by staff working alongside clients to uncover the root causes of their addictive tendencies, while creating new patterns to replace old ones.

To learn more information, please visit www.mntc.org.  





Care Corner 2 Featuring:

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, also known as MADD, is a roadmap to ending drunk driving and the forefront of fighting drugged driving.  MADD implements community-based programs, works with law enforcement officers, and provides victims critical services in their time of most need.

Since 1980, MADD has helped cut drunk driving fatalities in half and more than 370,000 lives have been saved.

A program MADD offers is the Victim Impact Panel class.  This class is to help drunk and drugged driving offenders recognize and internalize the lasting and long-term effects of substance-impaired driving.  Victims, survivors, and others impacted by a substance-impaired driving crash speak briefly about the crash, sharing a first-person account of how the crash impacted their life.  In a meaningful way, they simply tell their story of how their life, as well as the lives of their families and friends, have been affected by the crash.

There are many Victim Impact Panel classes offered throughout the United States.  To attend a class, find a class near you, or to learn more information, please check out their website: www.madd.org.


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Let's Dive Into a Little MACPO History

  • MACPO's originating name was known as the Southern Minnesota Probation Officers Association in 1954.  In April of 1958, it was changed to what it is known as today, Minnesota Association of County Probation Officers (MACPO).
  • There used to be a Nominating Committee and Reimbursement Committee. 
  • The first Al Reker Award was distributed in 1982 and continues to be  received yearly at the MACPO Spring Conference.
  • Shoplifters Anonymous was first started in August 1991 by Blue Earth County.  
  • As of March 1, 1993, Carver and Scott Counties merged and David Loftness was appointed as Director.
  • A Pet Lovers Anonymous Contest was held at Spring Conference in May 1993. 
  • The MACPO membership as of March 1994 was 222 members, 103 of those were County Probation Officers.


"Knowledge  Has a Beginning But No End"

Here are some upcoming trainings to check out!

Cross Cultural Learning Experience by Rashed Ferdous and John Emery - August 29, 2018

Evidence Based Practices Forum - October 9, 2018

Check out MACPO's homepage for more information on those two trainings.

YLS/CMI 2.0 Classroom Training - September 10-12, 2018

All details and registration information is posted on the DOC's EBP site.

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"Extra! Extra!  Read All About It!" 

Knife Chase Takedown: http://www.waow.com/category/135525/video-landing-page?clipId=14510017&autostart=true

Investigating Distracted Driving Cases: https://www.kare11.com/article/news/local/outreach/eyes-up/eyesup-investigating-distracted-driving-cases/89-581284359 


Fentanyl:  It's an opioid that can be detected in the body through a urine test for up to 24 hours, a blood test for up to 12 hours, a saliva test for up to 2 days and a hair test for up to 90 days. This medication doesn't provide relief for that long, and it has a half-life of 219 minutes, according to Drugs.



Minnesota Association of County Probation Officers is dedicated to promoting quality correctional practices through professional growth, leadership, education, communication and support.


Providing a voice for the probation profession and leading the promotion of sound correctional policy toward the principles of evidence based practices, restorative justice, community involvement, public protection, victim restoration, offender accountability, and competency development. 

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